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November 16, 2019

10:00 AM | 11:00 PM

Vista Tech Center at Schoolcraft College
18600 Haggerty Rd
Livonia, MI 48152

Welcome to Battle Frontier's first event!

Battle Frontier is a brand new monthly series aiming to deliver a high-quality tournament experience each month. Something that lacked in 2019 for Michigan was the presence of a guaranteed, large-scale Monthly event. As 2019, begins to come to a close, it is time to plant the seeds for the direction the Michigan Smash Ultimate Scene will take heading into next year.

The goal of Battle Frontier is to help elevate competition across the board for the local scene. Whether you are a Ranked Player or someone slowly rising up, Battle Frontier will be here each month to put your skills to the test. In order to make these ideals happen, we are introducing the Frontier Brains System. Each month, a set of 5 Current Power Ranked Players will be given the title Frontier Brain. In addition to the title, these players will also be given a bounty that can be claimed by defeating them in Bracket. Your goal is to take down the Frontier Brains and claim their bounties.

Get Ready, The Battle Frontier awaits you.

Games At Event

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Registration for Battle Frontier I ends on Nov 14, So Register Today!